Windsor’s background also includes being a husband, a father, a son, a brother, board-certified in critical care nursing, a US Army Lieutenant Colonel with active and Reserve years abroad. He has served in elite special operations units worldwide..
Philosophy for life:  Everyone counts.  Think good thoughts. Use good words. Do good deeds.  Humans are more important than hardware and software.  We must promote mutual respect, provide equal consideration and celebrate fair treatment

Lived a personal and professional life in service to others and cannot be offended.  There are no taboo topics.

Instructor:  Conflict coaching, Mental Health First Aid for Adult, Elder, Veteran and Law Enforcement, Correction, Public Safety

Windsor draws from combined life experiences solving disputes, running large organizations, working with patients and families in critical care, advising organizations with >30,000 people on public health matters, building and leading teams and large organizations, and mediating countless parties in need.

Mediator since 2018, Rule 31 Listed with the Tennessee Supreme Court as a Family and Civil Mediator.  Serves as private mediator in Kentucky.

Registered Nurse since 1992, board-certified in Critical Care since 1995.


Windsor Thompson

  • Juvenile Violent Offender
  • Adult Violent Offender
  • Marital Mediation
  • Mediation Divorce/Post-Divorce
  • Parenting Planning
  • Elder Mediation, inclusive of sorting advance directives, living wills, do not resuscitate order
  • Medical Advocacy, notarial support
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Early Stage Mediation (ESM)



Windsor is highly motivated to help everyone and holds deep expertise and life experiences in the military and government sectors
  • 15-years active, US Special Operations Command and subordinate units of action
  • 3 command tours leading 5 different deployable and garrison-supporting units
  • 4 deployments
  • HR; Training; Operations; Mediation; Negotiation
  • Brain Injury Management Program Manager
  • Trauma Combat Casualty Care Instructor
  • DoD Contract Representative (>$10mil) Enlisted as E-1, at E-6 accepted a commission
  • US Army Pre-Command Courses Graduate (Company then Battalion)
  • Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Reserve
  • Army Officer Basic Course graduate
  • Army Officer Captain’s Career Course graduate
  • Organizational Inspection Program/ Management Controls Inspector qualified
  • Army Safety Course graduate
  • United States Army Special Operations Staff Officer’s Course graduate
  • Defense Acquisition University Contracting Officer’s Representative
  • Wide Area Workflow / iCORT Billing/Invoice/Pay Manager
  • Department of Defense DPMAP Civilian Personnel Evaluation Rating trained

JOINT & INTERAGENCY SERVICE- As an NCO and Officer, Windsor has served alongside Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Coasties, Public Health Service, Civilian First Responders and 3-letter Government Agencies. 38-year Military Veteran...still in uniform as a Reservist

Fees set by agreement. First, we get some background information at no cost. At no cost, I review background documents as necessary.  If you have an attorney, I’d love to speak with them. As you prefer, when we mutually agree to mediate then we formalize our Mediation agreement. Depending on what you need, we can work by the hour or in blocks of time…Let’s chat.

For most mediations

  • I am extremely comfortable Mediating under crisis timelines and can usually meet short-suspense timelines.
  • Rates are divided among the parties.  (Mediator rates in the US tend to range from $170 – $250 per hour)
  • Block 4-hours at $700 per 4-hour interval.
  • A two hour cancellation fee of $125 is charged for mediations cancelled less than 5 days before the date of the scheduled conference. Rescheduling a session does not incur a cancellation fee.  Let’s try to avoid that.  My favorite word starting with the letter “F” is ‘flexible’.  Let’s be flexible.  The desired end state is that you are fully supported.
  • Expenses such as conference room rental and courier(FedEx, UPS, USPS etc.) charges are billed at actual cost. It shouldn’t come to that. We can mediate anywhere as long as both parties feel comfortable. I have mediated at courthouses, libraries, public parks and private homes.
  • Pro Se uncontested divorce averages $3000 or less and is usually completed in around 91-days.   We have wiggle room here.
  • For military, on a case-by-case basis there may be methods that enable deployed service members the ability to complete most divorce and family related mediations and actions. Let’s talk.

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